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***Available projects for S2 2021***
Additive manufacturing of aluminium alloy Manufacturing Materials
Additive manufacturing of magnesium alloy Manufacturing Materials
Advanced Property-Based Testing Projects Software Engineering
AI-Driven Game Customisation Human-Centred Computing Intelligence
Algorithms for Modal Types Logic, Programming Language Systems Theory
Applying the mixture density recurrent neural network Machine Learning Intelligence
Architecture and Data Structure Aware Linear Algebra Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning Computer Systems, Intelligence
Architecture-Independent Workload Characterization to Support Benchmark Consistency High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Are some online optimisation solutions more equal? Planning and Optimisation
Assessment of the carbon footprint of a Canberra distillery
Atomically thin opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and/or mechanical devices based on novel two dimensional nano-materials
Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis Logic, Programming Language Systems Computer Systems, Theory
Automated Reasoning for Situational Awareness Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Logic, Planning and Optimisation Computer Systems
BE Honours and Master Projects in Communications Communications Information
Benchmarking GPU performance portability across programming models Algorithms, High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of 2-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite semiconductors Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials, Photovoltaics Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery Data Mining & Matching, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Micro & Nano Systems, Nanomaterials Materials
Context-aware document analysis Data Mining & Matching Intelligence
Corrosion testing of new alloys Composite Materials, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials, Solar Thermal Fabrication, Materials
Creative Computing in Augmented Reality Computer Systems
Dark Patterns and Manipulative Design in Games Human-Centred Computing Computer Systems
Deep learning for facial expression and/or emotion recognition Computer Vision Computer Systems
Deep Learning for Graph Isomorphism (PhD scholarships available) Machine Learning Theory
Design and Analysis of 5G+ and 6G Communications Systems Communications Information
Design and Analysis of Molecular Communications Systems Communications Information
Design and implementation of low-scaling massively parallel Hartree-Fock algorithm in high-performance computational chemistry (CPU or GPU) Algorithms, High Performance Computing Computer Systems
Development of efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules Photovoltaics Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Diagnose COVID-19 from Cough Signals Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Human-Centred Computing Information, Intelligence
Diagnose COVID-19 from Cough Signals Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Intelligence
Digitally enhanced interferometry
Discovering Inconsistent Data in a Dynamic World Algorithms, Data Mining & Matching, Databases Theory
Discriminating real from machine-learning generated music Machine Learning Intelligence
Dynamic Knowledge Tracing Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Machine Learning
Energy-Aware Bespoke System Design for Solving Optimisation Problems Planning and Optimisation
Engineers Without Borders 30+ Projects available
Evolutionary music making Human-Centred Computing, Machine Learning Computer Systems, Intelligence
Facial Expression Recognition from Masked Faces Computer Vision, Machine Learning Intelligence
Faster Decision-Theoretic Planning using Boolean-Constraint Propagation Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Federated Learning for Competitive Collaboration Algorithms, Machine Learning Computer Systems, Intelligence
Flexible and wearable sensors
Footy Cyber Dreaming Machine Learning Intelligence
Gameful Design and Gamification Human-Centred Computing Computer Systems
Graph Deep Learning Machine Learning Intelligence
Hardware synergistic algorithms Algorithms, High Performance Computing Computer Systems, Theory
High-Performance Computing for Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solving
Human-AI Teaming in Games Human-Centred Computing Intelligence
Human-Swarm Interaction in Games/VR Human-Centred Computing, Intelligent Agents, Robotics Intelligence
Implementing an ethical AI framework Planning and Optimisation Intelligence
Improving search engine efficiency with emerging memory and storage Software Engineering Computer Systems


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